Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Soccer baby

Today I caught Ami walking down the hallway dribbling her mini soccer ball from University of Portland. Of course once I got the camera she didn't do it as much, but I was able to catch a little portion for you all to enjoy.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Weekend adventures

Amalea threw her hands up in celebration when we got to the park. We found a great park that has awesome swings and she was happy to be there.We spent the day Saturday in Bend visiting some friends. Here Amalea is wearing Ron's glasses.
Amalea and Daddy having dinner at a great restaurant right on the river.
Sunday we got to take a bike ride. This was Amalea's first ride since we got a seat from Jim's brother. She had a great time, but definitely did not like wearing her helmet (which is why we snapped a picture before it went on).
You can see why she doesn't like her's a little too big and falls over her eyes sometimes, but once we got going she kind of forgot about it.